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Nutrition is not about just food. 

It’s about nourishing your life.

What is Nutrition?

Good nutrition is about the process. The journey. Wise choices, as often as possible.

Being your “best self”, with integrity, compassion and curiosity.

Being kind to yourself.

Doing the best you can with what you have.

Living with Purpose.


Then getting up and trying to be “good enough” again tomorrow.

Deep Health is so much more than what we eat.

It's our emotions, feeling, thoughts and relationships. It's the ability to experience true joy and satisfaction in life.


For years, I have been trying to dig out the "truth" about healthy eating and nutrition, "cleansing" my diet and finding even more controversial information with each step I took.


The more I read, the more confusing all this stuff seemed to be. 

To figure out what health is and how it can be optimised sustainably throughout life, I've embarked on an academic journey with The Institute for Optimum Nutrition with further specialisation in Eating Disorders with the National Centre for Eating Disorders. I believe the world needs support more than ever now.  


In the end, we want to be healthy for a reason. 

What is your WHY behind a healthy lifestyle?  

My Story

​My name is Evgeniya and I am passionate about nutrition and all that healthy stuff people love to talk about. But I don't think this is who I am or why I am here. 


I am here to help people discover who their best self is.


I believe the solid base for becoming a better you is universal for all of us - It is our health that can never be taken for granted. 

Why Me?


Registered Nutritional Therapist, a member of British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine


Strong accent on Integrative approach to Health beyond Nutrition

Pink Cream


Support through deep Connection, Compassion and zero Judgement


Health Optimisation through Accountability with a Coaching-based approach 

Balanced Objects


Evidence-based approach and ongoing Professional development

Let's make sure each of us does his own best to befriend and maintain healthy habits throughout a purposeful journey called life.

And I will be delighted to guide you along the way!


   The best alternative
to a diet?

An "antidiet". When you can eat anything, mindfully.

Because you know exactly why you do it, with an abundance of pleasure and zero guilt attached. 

Nothing can be more beneficial in the long run than having mental power over food (not the other way around) by slowly building a system of daily nutritional habits for life.   

Yes, it is easier said than done. But trust me, it is not impossible as long as you have a solid answer to your WHYAnd I am here to support you on this sometimes messy journey.   

Беспроводные наушники

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my life

Dive into the latest research in nutrition science and my ideas on health

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